Stages of production

8 stages of production

  1. It all starts with the concept. That’s the base for future execution of the project. Next, there’s the prototype. What inspires us to create new toys are the needs voiced to us by creative parents.
  2. LOBITO toys are made of natural beech or maple wood from legal and local sources, obtained in a way, that doesn’t harm the environment. We dry the wood on our own, so that we are fully certain, that it’s properly dry. Dry wood guarantees that the product will stand the test of time and 5you will be able to enjoy the toy for years. Drying deprives the wood of pests and fungi. Steaming the wood gives it a uniform structure and a warm color.
  3. The wood is pre-planned, sawn and glued. CNC machines give the wooden elements their shape with incredible precision. Edge and opening machining is done with the use of conventional machines. The final process of woodworking is grinding, which eliminates splinters and reduces roughness of the wood, making its surface silky smooth.
Zabawki z drewna Lobito
Drewniane zabawki Lobito
  1. The coloring is done by dipping the element in plant origin wood stains, which have unique colors and are safe for children. For protection, the surface of the toy is covered 3 times with a layer of safe tumbling lacquer, which is incredibly resistant to impact. Tumbling lacquering 3 times takes hours. A long time? It is, but we know it’s worth it. Thanks to that, our toys look as good as new even after many years. The lacquer has certificates for young children. Lacquered surface can be safely bitten and licked, because it’s resistant to saliva.
  2. Our toys are assembled manually and many times go through the hands of our experienced workers. Thanks to their diligence, we obtain the highest quality of our products. Such a procedure allows us to catch any possible defects or production errors.
  3. Testing, checking, perfecting – so that each toy from our workshop, which will end up in children’s hands, will be fully safe and give invaluable sensations.
  4. Boxes for the toys are cut out and printed by us. It’s an extraordinary composition. Our packaging is environment friendly and biodegradable. The packaging includes a label with a barcode, manufacturer’s marking and visible indication of the age group the toy is designed for. The process of packaging is the final stage, that’s when the toy obtains its final form.
  5. Once packed, the toys are transported to our warehouse in Kraków and later straight to our clients all over the world. We ship them using delivery companies… by land, sea and air 🙂